Husky is one of the most loved, adored and admired dog breeds in the world. There is a big list of reasons why people fall in love with huskies, and that list makes this breed to be a very popular dog in the cities and rural areas alike. However, city living and rural living imply for two different life styles for both people and their dogs.  Thereby, a husky’s grooming needs will differ from its life style. Urban huskies spend most of their time indoors, enjoying the comfort of their owners’ homes. Whereas, it seems like a pretty happy picture, a city indoor husky is put through a certain adjustment. During winter season a husky’s body has to deal with very warm temperature of the indoors most of the day and switch to cold or very cold temps during the walks. Therefore, a city husky is exposed to more warmth than cold. These conditions might stimulate the husky’s coat to shed more or for longer periods of time, the coat might become dry  and static due to indoor’s dry air, all of that could lead to itchy and flaky skin which in its turn will lead to different skin issues.

To help a city husky to keep its coat in healthy condition it is advisable to follow a grooming routine. Between the husky’s shedding seasons a regular brushing with a slicker brush of a high quality and/or with an undercoat rake should be done once a week or two. Professional bath with oil infused natural shampoo and a hydrating conditioner can be done once between the shedding seasons. During the shedding season a bath or two with de-shedding products loosens up and releases the dead hair thus making the shedding period to pass faster.

A coat that is free of dead hair is well hydrated and clean is a pledge of healthy skin and therefore a happy dog!

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