Before you take your dog home, you need to know how to take care of this animal. They need to be met both physically and mentally. Nutrition food, clean water, home, and safe environment are the factors that a dog needs when preparing to join a new household, including having plenty of time to play, train and stimulate the mind. Taking care of dogs is a big task and should not be overlooked. Nevertheless, this task will help you build a close and trusting relationship with your new family member.

Dogs are inherently harder to keep than dogs, so how to take care of a dog? What should be kept in mind when caring for dogs? Let’s find out how to solve these problems in this article!

How to take care of puppies


Choose puppies

First of all, you need to learn and choose suitable puppies for easy adoption. For example, if you are a new dog owner, you should choose a dog that is easy to raise and take care of. If you have the experience, you can choose to own a “more difficult” dog. This article will guide you through how to choose the most suitable puppy.

How to choose a dog

You need to find out how the dog you want to buy has a parent if you are inbreeding or inbreeding you should not buy it. Especially you need to appreciate its characteristics and choose the right breed you need to look for, absolutely do not buy dogs according to the trend.

Dog on a terrace
Adult dogs

Should only buy dogs from 8 weeks of age and older, have been vaccinated 2 doses and have been fully dewormed, helminthic. When visiting a dog to look for puppies, such as dogs are agile, naughty; Are your eyes red or rusted? Does the dog’s mouth have lots of saliva coming out, coughing or not,….

If the dog is agile, not afraid of people, and has no signs of being sick, then choose. In order to choose a good dog, you should take the time to carefully consider, do not be in a hurry to choose the wrong dog.

Prepare accommodation for dogs

Once you have chosen the puppy you like, you will need to prepare accommodation for them. Puppies are like an infant, they love to explore everything around them, so you should prepare everything before taking “babies” home.

Dog cages need to be cool.

Girl next to the cage with puppies
Care for your pet cages

First, you need to prepare them for a very cool, well-lit home. It is best to have a spot near the door so they can sunbathe in the morning. You should not allow your puppy to stay in an air-conditioned room as this will easily catch a cold.

After that, you need to clear up all sharp and dangerous objects so that the dog will not swallow. At the same time, you should keep important objects out of their reach to avoid damage orbiting. You should also close the low windows so they do not climb out. Absolutely do not allow them to sit on high and dangerous positions such as balconies or stairs.

Often the first time the dog will not get used to the toilet in the right place or still very messy. So you should keep your dog somewhere convenient for cleaning such as the kitchen. You also need to train them in the right place to defecate.

Feed the dog

The first time you should feed the dog with puppy foods according to the diet the previous owner has fed. Once your dog has gotten used to it, you can slowly change your diet accordingly. For small dogs, the food should be finely ground or chopped to make it easier to eat. Also, take vitamins and give them milk

Dogs need to eat enough nutrition.

As the dog gets older, he/she can feed a little harder things, adding the necessary substances. This period should only give the dog 3 meals a day, not leaving food available for them all day.

Look out for rancid foods that are too greasy for dogs. If the dog has symptoms of skipping meals, coughing, or being tired … seek medical attention.

A few other things to note

Puppies that have just been bought should not be bathed with water immediately, if they are foul and dirty they can use a bath powder. If the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, or if the dog is sick, don’t allow the dog to bathe.

Should take the dog for a walk.

Need for dog walking, fun.

Take care of a pregnant dog

Grooming dogs requires experienced breeders with knowledge about the due date. Following the stages of pregnancy, when a dog is found pregnant, you should take it to a doctor to check the dog’s condition. Then seek advice from your doctor for the best way to take care of your dog pregnancy without being morning sickness.

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With the spread from people, during pregnancy the mother dog is usually more intense, so you should be careful not to expose strangers to dogs.

The best way to take care of a dog

Feed your dog with high-quality food. When buying dog food, read the ingredient labels on the packaging. Food should contain mainly meat, not a by-product of meat or grain. This step helps you identify protein-rich foods that are not just saturated.

Concept of Covid-19 treatment and prevention.
Concept of sick with Covid-19 treatment and prevention.

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Dog Health Care

Choose a skilled vet that you can trust in the United States and Canada. An effective way to choose the right vet is to consider whether this person is able to answer your questions quickly and fully and observe how they interact with the pet. You need to see your dog regularly, so if your veterinarian is full, then you should choose another person to change even after you take your dog once.

Chihuahua Dog Sitting On Cushion Indoors
Female dogs

In addition, you should also know the veterinarian’s contact information that operates 24 hours a day as well as weekends.

Get the dog vaccinated to resist to be infected with the virus. Your veterinarian will advise on what diseases are common in the area and which vaccinations are needed. Vaccines are usually needed once a year or every three years depending on the disease.

Most local areas require rabies vaccinations. Even if the law is not mandatory, you should still protect your pet (and yourself) from this deadly disease.

Consider implanting a microchip for dogs and cats. This is a tiny microchip that is injected into the surface of the skin on both sides of the dog’s shoulder blades. Each IC has its own unique identification number registered in the database with your contact information. In the case of stray or stolen animals, the microchip will work to prove that you are the owner of this dog.

Take preventive measures against parasites regularly. You need to treat nematode regularly with the frequency depending on the pet’s lifestyle. Domestic dogs are often at lower risk of worms than hunting dogs, so the veterinarian will advise you to eliminate them as appropriate. Low-risk dogs only need to kill roundworms two to three times a year, while those susceptible to worms require monthly treatment.

Also, be aware of the risk of worm infection only in dogs.

You also need to take flea precautions. In cases where the habitat is infected with flea bites, you should use products that work against these parasites.

Consider sterilization for dogs. This step works to minimize the risk of health disorders, such as breast cancer (if sterilized before the second dog is born) and the uterus in the bitch, preventing aggression and prostate disease. in male dogs. This is also the responsibility you need to take, as this will reduce the unwanted pregnancy and the number of pet boom.

You need to know that sterilized dogs are often susceptible to a number of conditions such as cancer, thyroid disease, and cardiovascular disease. So you should consider carefully before doing it.

Buy dog ​​health insurance. If you are trying to pay a pet’s medical expenses, you should apply a pet insurance policy. When there is monthly insurance, in case the dog is sick or injured, the insurance company will pay a certain amount. Policies and payments often vary widely.

Find out the information first. You should consider how much you can pay for the monthly insurance and get to know some companies to compare their cost limit.

Dog hygiene

Grooming dogs. The frequency of grooming for dogs will vary depending on the breed and the extent of their shedding. You should groom your dog regularly to reduce the risk of hair loss and check his / her body condition. You need to keep the fur of the dog always shiny and not tangled by using a comb and brush to untangle.

If your dog sheds a lot, you can buy a shampoo to prevent hair loss at pet stores and supermarkets. Bathe your dog once a week until alopecia improves.

Keep the dog’s coat hygienic. Dirty hair can cause dog skin to become infected, so bathe your dog with mild soap if they become dirty. Most dogs usually only need to shower once a month or more, but cleaning time can vary depending on the breed and the specific activity.

Dog hair often grows in length and you need to take it to a grooming shop. Excessive hair will irritate the toes, or obstruct a dog’s vision. In addition, the long coat can be caught in the branches or leaves of the grass, making the dog uncomfortable.

Nail clippers for dogs. This job is usually not simple, but you need to keep their feet healthy. Cut slowly and steadily, making sure not to cut into the nail marrow. Cutting into the nail marrow will hurt the dog and will make him strongly opposed when you later cut his nails.

Training for dogs connects nail clippers with a fun experience. Give your dog junk food after finishing netting or walking the dog to the park. Regardless of the reward, it is important that you maintain a positive attitude in the process of trimming your dog’s nails, even if this is not an easy task.

Train, Interact and Play with Dogs

Create many training opportunities for dogs. You should arrange the amount of time to operate depending on your breed. Small dogs are often tired after playing catch the ball, while Labrador retrievers need to walk a lot, at least 30-45 minutes twice a day to burn energy. In addition, the shaggy dog ​​usually has a characteristic of being active but never knows what it is. They can run and jump all day without getting tired.

Regular exercise helps burn off excess energy that, if left unattended, leads to behavioral problems such as gnawing, digging, or barking continuously.

Remember to take your dog for a walk. Dogs need to take short walks twice or long intervals once a day. Distance depends on your breed.

Be careful not to let the dog run away. If you have a yard in the house and they are allowed outside, you need to enclose the yard so that the dog won’t go away. The fence must be high enough that they cannot jump over.

Man posing with a dog
People and animals

Create excitement for dogs with rewarding training. Just like humans, dogs are easily depressed. In order to have a happy life, they need to be stimulated. Excitement can be formed through obedience training. You should train them to sit, lie still, and approach when called.

Most dogs are often interested in one-on-one training, and sessions like these help your dog bond with you. If you adopt a rewarding training, in which good behavior will be rewarded and no punishment, your dog will have a fun and positive training experience.

Train twice a day, each lasting 10 to 20 minutes depending on the dog’s concentration. You need to make sure to end each session with a positive attitude.

Reward your dog every time he obeys your commands. The reward may be small snacks (remember not to overfeed) or simply cuddle your puppy every time they do the right thing. You should choose something that can encourage your dog as a reward.

Teach dogs to interact. Dogs need to learn to interact well so when they grow up they have a sociable personality with their surroundings. When puppies are several weeks old, you need to expose them to as many people, lights, sounds, and scents as possible. By the time they are 18 weeks old (by the time the dog starts to stop adapting), they will treat these as normal and will not feel fear later.

If your dog is an adult, you should still expose them to new experiences. Take care, not to overload and frighten them if they feel uncomfortable. You need to be extremely persistent when exposing your dog to scary objects, but at a reasonable distance so they don’t panic. Reward them for their calm behavior. Gradually, move the object closer, continue to reward your dog so that they form a positive bond with the object.

Create conditions for the dog to play and show normal behavior with the dog. For example, Basset and Bloodhound hounds tend to follow the scent habit. You should give them time to sniff around their surroundings or turn into a game by creating a scent line for dogs to follow.

Show Respect and Love the Dog

Register for identification and tag on the dog’s collar. This step helps ensure dogs can go home if they are lost or separated from their owners. In the US, each state has different dog ownership rules. Animal rescue or vet clinics are often places where you can ask about pet registration procedures and seek advice on whether to keep a collar and tag continuously. Be aware that some cities often restrict the possession of some “dangerous” dog breeds, such as bulldogs or guard dogs.

Respect your dog. Never punish dogs with violence or demeaning them in any situation. This means you should name them appropriately, instead of names like “Mad Dog” or “Murder Dog” that affect the attitude of others towards them.

Newborns of dog
Dogs give birth

If your dog is misconduct, you need to find out what happened and whether your actions or passivity caused this problem.

You need to know that dogs need to meet basic needs. For example, dogs need to defecate regularly but do not stain their house or body. Moreover, keeping dogs for hours without human contact or defecation is inhumane behavior.

Prepare your dog for a comfortable sleeping place and not outdoors under harsh conditions. Leaving dogs outdoors in hot summers or cold winters without safety protection can result in injury or even death. Ideally, you should leave your dog indoors during inclement weather, but if not, you should provide shelter and plenty of water for your dog.

Build a bond of love and respect with your puppy. Dogs will love you forever if you treat them well. Spend time with them, learn about their personalities, and what works to encourage them. The more you interact with dogs, the happier your life will be.

In any case, never beat or mistreat a dog. Cursing when they commit misconduct is the most counterproductive punishment. Dogs often forget what they did and will not understand why the owner screamed at him.

Above are some helpful tips to help you take care of your dog better. Wish you have healthy and lovely dogs. Do not forget to follow’s helpful articles!

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