1. Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Spa Groomtopia asks that you please book an appointment, the walk-ins are acceptable for nail filling and face washing if you call beforehand, assuming the day is not too busy.

2. How long does it take?

 Each dog is different when it comes to grooming, and the duration of your dogs groom depends on their size, haircut, condition of their coat, and their comfort level. Although Spa Groomtopia tries to be accommodating, sometimes it could take more than the standard 2 hours, the groomer will give you the approximate timing when you drop your pet off.

3. Can I leave my dog for a whole day?

It depends on how you want your pooch to wait for you. To have the dog free and playing with bathroom breaks outside will require an extra charge. Spa Groomtopia charges 15$ for an additional 4 hours of day care.

4. Can I stay?

It is best not to, dogs usually are excited when they see their owner, they think its time to go home therefore they become too distracted. This can be hazardous as the groomer is working with sharp objects and is trying to avoid additional excitement and stress for your dog.

5. What if my dog is matted?

Your dog’s well-being is Spa Groomtopia’s top priority therefore the de-matting can only be performed if the dog is not matted to the skin or all over the body. If your dog is badly matted it is recommended to do a shave down and start growing the coat from 0 with regular brushing.

6. Do you shave double coated breeds?

Spa Groomtopia can certainly do it as the customer’s satisfaction is very important equally as important that you are well informed on how it can effect your double coated pooch.

A dog’s coat provides insulation from not only the cold, but also the heat and sun. Dogs do not “sweat” like humans do, in fact they cool themselves by panting from the mouth, sweating at the paws and cooling the blood in their ears. When a double coated dog is shaved it loses its protection from the elements, exposing them to harmful sun burn or even causing heat stroke. It’s important know as well that a dog’s undercoat actually grows faster than the top coat, so when the top coat is cut  it will cause the undercoat to grow uninhibited. The undercoat can matt easily and/or result in patchy, uneven growth until the top coat eventually re-grows. By then the coat may be so damaged that it may not grow back at all. In addition, shaving a double-coat actually interrupts the natural shedding process and can add an additional shedding period.

7. What happens if my dog is found with fleas and ticks?

For the safety of all, if the groomer finds fleas or ticks on your dog, your dog will be placed in the bathtub for a flea bath and you will be notified by a phone call right away. The additional price starts at 20$ and up depending on the size of your dog and its coat condition.

8. What happens to my dog should I fail to pick him up before closing time ?

If you cannot pick up your dog before closing time, which is 5 pm, please call. There is a grace period of 5 minutes after closing, but after 5 minutes you will be charged  1$ per minute or up to a minimum of 35$ if your dog ends up staying over night.