A City husky grooming needs

Husky is one of the most loved, adored and admired dog breeds in the world. There is a big list of reasons why people fall in love with huskies, and that list makes this breed to be a very popular dog in the cities and rural areas alike. However, city living and rural living imply […]

How Busy Dog Owners Can Still Care for Dogs

Mixed breed yellow brown dog. Sweet dog in shelter with sad eyes

There’s no denying the benefits of keeping a dog in a young community. But modern young people live very busy lives with all kinds of things. Which is going to work, extra classes, friends, family … Proper understanding of how to care for dogs will make the tribute of many young people less cluttered. If […]

How to make dog food yourself

Dog beagle eating canned food from bowl in bright interior

The diet and types of dog food are very important to the dog’s development and health during adulthood. However, not everyone understands the nutrition and foods that are suitable for pets, helping them grow at their best. This article Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia will help you understand the right foods for your dog as […]

4 tips for pet business to become successful

Dog at the Agility Competition

In the 2020 business trends article, I mentioned the pet business, an emerging trend of getting rich, when the trend of playing pets is increasingly popular among young people today, especially raising dogs and cats. scene. However, to achieve success, traders need to have techniques to take care and tame to ensure a healthy dog […]

How to take care of a newborn puppy

Close up of cute siberian puppy sitting in wooden box.

In the process of taking care of puppies, many people cannot help but be surprised when they first separate the puppies from their mother. Food and their milk will gradually be replaced in daily meals. So let’s learn how to take care of newly separated puppies with Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia? When is a […]

Recommend extremely friendly pets for your family

Brown pomeranian dog

Pets will bring your home more happy laughter. In particular, for families with small children, pets will teach them how caring and loyal are. Pet raising is extremely rewarding for your family. Therefore, today Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia will suggest you extremely friendly and lovely pets. Let’s take a look at the following article! […]

Americans ‘pay a lot’ for pets – ‘genuine’ family members


Health care is the fastest-growing category as pet owners learn more about treatments to improve their pet’s fitness. Bess is a Maine Coon cat, weighing 10 kg. To ease the 11-year-old pet’s joint pain, Bess’s owner took the “cat” to the Friendship Animal Hospital, a prestigious veterinary clinic in Washington (USA). Bess’s hydrotherapy session here […]

[Revealing] The 5 best ways to take care of puppies, pregnant dog, and pets

Women are cleaning a dog

Before you take your dog home, you need to know how to take care of this animal. They need to be met both physically and mentally. Nutrition food, clean water, home, and safe environment are the factors that a dog needs when preparing to join a new household, including having plenty of time to play, […]


Dog taking a bath

Bathing the dog properly will improve the health of the dog`s coat and skin and will keep the dog`s environment cleaner. However, not everyone knows how to bath your dog properly. Spa Groomtopia will help you to understand the importance and proper way to do it through this article. How often should dogs be bathed? […]

How To Take Care Of Pomeranian Dogs

For first-time Pomeranian dog owners, how to raise a Pomeranian dog to keep it healthy is always a difficult problem. Understanding that, the article below, Pet Grooming Salon Groomtopia will introduce to you the experiences in how to breed Pomeranian dogs most effectively. Pomeranian dog’s food How to choose the food for the Pomeranian puppy […]