Cute poodle time at Spa Groomtopia Lachine

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A little Husky visiting Spa Groomtopia

The sweet Bently got only sweeter after getting a de-shedding bath and a blow dryđŸ€—đŸ„°#malamute #malamutesofinstagram #groomingbigdogs #groomingdogs #groomingdog #bigdog #groomingsalon #montreal #lachine #canadadog Spa Groomtopia is located in a doggy-friendly area Lachine, where dog owners can enjoy a walk on the gorgeous waterfront of Lachine while waiting for their pooches to be pampered or […]

White pom visiting our salon

It was a day of white pomeraniansđŸ€— Guess what! These two are not the same dog and in fact they are not even related!! But so adorably similar!đŸ„°Breeds like pomeranians get a bath with de-shedding treatment that softens and loosens their packed undercoat, after that they get a thorough blow dry with a lot of […]

How many types of dog and cat comb are there? How to comb properly?

Dog brush is an indispensable tool when caring for a dog. However, the choice of a brush, how to use it is something that not all pet owners know. Our article below will summarize all information about dog grooming. 1. Why do dogs have to be brushed? This question is often asked by new dog […]

Bathing Cats And Dogs

Spa Groomtopia Pet’s dog and cat bath service will make your pet look as beautiful as it feels. Although we love them dirty feet and all, sometimes our pets need a bit of freshness. At Spa Groomtopia pet grooming salon, we provide special pet baths for dogs and cats. Whether keeping your pet in the […]

How to take care of your dog’s fur – dog grooming tips

Have you ever seen your dog rolling on the ground, lick her coat, or chew her fur? These are her ways of keeping clean. Sometimes, she still needs your help to keep her clean and nice-looking. If you don’t know how to groom your dog’s fur, don’t worry, we are here to help. Read on […]

Pet Grooming for terriers, schnauzers and griffons

Here at Spa Groomtopia we love doing hand stripping for terriers, schnauzers, and griffons! Hand stripping removes the dead hair freeing the follicles to produce the new strong and healthy hair. Hence, the coat keeps its rich and bright colors and a thick and weather protective texture. That thick wiry type of the coat that these breeds are known for has its purpose. […]

Doodles grooming

Doodles are beautiful, lovable and joyful dogs! Their full and thick fluff of the coat makes them look unique!  But what does it take to maintain the adorable fluffy coat of a doodle? To keep anything between 3/4 of an inch and 1.2 inches will require regular visits to a groomer every 5-7 weeks, to keep the fluffy coat longer than 2 inches you will need […]