It was a day of white pomeranians🤗 Guess what! These two are not the same dog and in fact they are not even related!! But so adorably similar!🥰
Breeds like pomeranians get a bath with de-shedding treatment that softens and loosens their packed undercoat, after that they get a thorough blow dry with a lot of brushing to get rid off all dead matted or felted undercoat. The trim includes the bum , the under tummy, under the chest, a trim around the little paws to make them tidy and neat, and tips of ears usually get trimmed in a round manner.

If you have your pomeranians and you would like to spa them before the coming winter, visit us at Spa Groomtopia dog salon at 1149 Rue Notre DameLachine, QC H8S 2C5.

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