How important is grooming for your dog?

The usual notion of dog grooming refers to images of show poodles, or shiny coated Yorkies, or any other little cutie with bows. However, the most important goal of dog grooming here at Spa Groomtopia is hygiene and the health of the skin, coat, face and paws, and ears of a dog.

 A lot of dog owners think that giving their dog a shower at home once in a while should do the trick. That is when a lot of things could go wrong if a dog owner is not a professional dog groomer.  Just to put a dog in a shower or a sink can be a challenging start, if your washing place is not set up properly for dog washing, there can be a battle and a lot of water splashing to name the least. Let’s say you manage to keep your dog calm but most probably you will end up wetting it superficially and when you will distribute shampoo it will not penetrate the coat well enough. Thus the coat will not be thoroughly soaped up to get all the dirt particles lifted off the hair shafts and skin. This is especially crucial for the coats like double coats of Golden retrievers, or Labradors, or Samoyeds or Pomeranians, or Bernese Mountain dogs, or German Shepherds. This type of coat has two layers consisted of the undercoat and guard hair. The undercoat is the layer that usually, if not attended to, can get felted, packed up, or matted trapping dirt and bacteria. That is when a double-coated dog will benefit from being groomed by a professional groomer who has the knowledge for providing the proper care.  At Spa Groomtopia the special washing station has been build to accommodate a dog of any size and make it as safe as possible. Only the best shampoos and conditioners are used, and combined with the groomer’s experience, all that results in beautiful, shiny, silky, and fluffy coats!

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