There’s no denying the benefits of keeping a dog in a young community. But modern young people live very busy lives with all kinds of things. Which is going to work, extra classes, friends, family …

Proper understanding of how to care for dogs will make the tribute of many young people less cluttered. If you are a young person who loves dogs and is also feeling insufficient time to take care of dogs, this article is for you.

Today, Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia will introduce to you how busy dog owners can still care for dogs.

How to take care of dogs in terms of nutrition

The fixed feeding times of the day for dogs is a factor to keep in mind. This not only helps you allocate a better time to feed your dog. It also helps with training your dog.

Not a grain or a by-product of the meat. If you don’t know what to eat for your dog, consult your veterinarian. They will help you figure out what foods are right for your dog.

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Leaving your dog at home can make him/her upset
Leaving your dog at home can make him/her upset

Should we feed the dog with human food?

The answer is that you can feed your dog, but give it less. If they are too eager to overfeed, they may gain weight or have health problems.

You should only give your dog a treat while in training. Many dogs will show a pitiful face to you, if you don’t feed them. However, be strong and follow your principles.

There are many foods that are not only harmful to your dog but also dangerous to their health. Never give your dog any chocolate, butter, bread flour, raisins, grapes, onions, or xylitol, a calorie-free sweetener.

“Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine that can increase your dog’s heart rate, increase blood pressure, and even convulsions.

Dogs that ingest chocolate need immediate treatment. Dogs are in danger if they eat a lot of chocolate and delay treatment. ”(Source: Wikihow)

Keep the coat clean

Dirty dog ​​hair can infect dogs, especially skin diseases. So take a shower with a mild shower oil. Dogs usually only need to bathe once a month. But can vary depending on breed and frequency of operation.

If the dog’s coat is too long, you might consider bringing it to the Grooming / Spa for dogs and cats to trim the coat. The long coat will irritate the toes, or block the dog’s vision.

Adult dogs. dog walkers and dog grooming are most doggie daycare nowadays
Adult dogs. dog walkers and dog grooming are most doggie daycare nowadays

And with that, remember to trim your toenails when it’s too long. This seemingly simple job, but actually not. Make sure you cut slowly and slowly to avoid hurting your dog.

Truncating the nail marrow will injure the dog and cause them to resist fiercely the next time you cut their nails. If you do not have the experience, you should take your dog to the Spa to cut nails.

For young people, sometimes having trouble going to work, they cannot take their dogs to the Spa. But wait until the day off, the spas are often crowded, will have to wait a long time.

Another solution is to consider using the door-to-door service of spas, hospitals … Or send dogs at the Spa until you get home from work. That will be much more convenient.

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Take care of your dog about health

This must be an issue that many young people are concerned about. If you have a dog, they are sick, then surely you will not be assured. So, find a reputable veterinary hospital to bring your dog for regular checkups.

It sounds ridiculous, but very convincing. Just like humans, if you take your dog for regular checkups, you can detect the disease early and treat it promptly. Don’t let them see the vet until they get very sick.

Many times there will be no chance to cure. And don’t worry too much about the cost of regular health checkups. With just 0 dollars you can also examine them. But in the following articles, I will reveal offline!

Adequate vaccination and deworming for dogs

The vaccines you should vaccinate your dog are the 7-disease, 5-disease, and rabies vaccine. Depending on your pet’s age and economy, you can choose the right vaccine. Need to care dog has diarrhea or not?

At the same time, you should also deworm dogs once every 3 months for dogs over 6 months old, and dogs under 6 months a month, bleach once, to ensure they are always clean.

Consider purchasing home remedies for yourself if you are skilled. Or use home doctor services.

If you still have any questions about potty break, dog ear cleaning, dog food, plucking nail…, contact our pet grooming salon Spa Groomtopia today!

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