The diet and types of dog food are very important to the dog’s development and health during adulthood. However, not everyone understands the nutrition and foods that are suitable for pets, helping them grow at their best.

This article Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia will help you understand the right foods for your dog as well as suggest some of the best quality foods available today.

Minced meat dish mixed with liver

Pet food such as sweet potatoes, olive oil can be made from dog food recipes
Pet food such as sweet potatoes, olive oil can be made from dog food recipes

Meat sandwiches mixed with vegetables for dogs

Talk to your veterinarian before switching to homemade dog foods. Your vet might suggest specific food if your dog has specific nutritional needs.
Weigh your dog before starting it on the homemade food and weigh it after few weeks of feeding it the homemade food to make sure that the dog does not gain weight.

Excited senior woman training dog at home
a pinch or half of tea spoon of Coconut oil is a good and healthy treat

Consult with an animal nutritionist. If your veterinarian has no knowledge of homemade dog foods, consult an animal nutritionist. An expert will help you develop a homemade diet that is suitable for your dog. This is very important if your dog has a chronic health problem.
Your veterinarian can help you find a registered dietitian where you live or you can find it at 4 tips for pet business to become successful or HOW TO TAKE A BATH FOR YOUR DOG

Consider your dog’s caloric needs. For example, puppies need more calories and more nutritious food than adult dogs because their bodies are growing fast and forming bones and muscles. Older dogs need fewer calories than adults because of slower metabolism.

Avoid giving your dog inappropriate food as it could make them sick; and in some cases can even damage organs. Never give your dog the following foods:

Rotate the food to create a varied and balanced diet.

Make minced meat balls mixed with liver

Prepare each ingredient. Signature menus for home-made dog food include meats, vegetables, and mixed cereals. Crush the blueberries into a thick, soft sauce. Cook minced meatballs, liver, oats, and rice.
Let cooked ingredients cool to a touchable level. This will make it easier to mix the ingredients.

Mix the ingredients together. First put the beef, cooked oats, and liver in a food processor. The goal is to make a fairly fine, slightly lumpy mixture. Then add other ingredients to make sure it’s easy to mix with the original mixture.

Squeeze the mixture into small balls equal to 1/4 cup to divide the serving size uniformly. Place the pellets in the refrigerator.

Feed the dog. Food needs to be used immediately. Give a dog 5 – 7.5 kg of food about 1 cup of food twice daily.

Make a mixed vegetable cake

Prepare to make dog food. Turn on the oven at 180˚C. Sweep a layer of cooking oil on a large baking pan, set aside for later.

Mix the ingredients with your hands in a large bowl. Make sure to wash your hands well before mixing. The consistency of the mixture will not be high, but they still stick together thanks to raw meat and eggs.

Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts. Put each part in the cake mold. Place the cake mold on the previous baking pan and cover the lid tightly.

Bake for about 80 minutes or until meat is evenly cooked. If you are using a meat thermometer, the internal temperature of the meat should be 80˚C when finished. Then cool the food.

Feed the dog. Dogs weighing 5 kg eat from 1/4 to 1/3 of meat pie. This food can also be served with mashed food to diversify your dog’s diet.

Keep dog food in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days. Remember that you are using natural ingredients, food spoils easily, so you should only make enough food for a few days depending on the shelf life of the ingredients.



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