In the 2020 business trends article, I mentioned the pet business, an emerging trend of getting rich, when the trend of playing pets is increasingly popular among young people today, especially raising dogs and cats. scene. However, to achieve success, traders need to have techniques to take care and tame to ensure a healthy dog when handing over to the new owner. Here are some of the most important pet dog care techniques to have when it comes to pet trading experience.

Diet for cats and dogs

This is the first technique to keep pet food in mind for small businesses. Each breed of dog will have different characteristics, each stage of development of each species also requires separate care. Understanding this principle will help you find the best way to care for your pet with great pet grooming services.

Business owners starting a pet love animals
Business owners starting a pet love animals

Food for dog owners to buy: Nutrition for pets needs to ensure enough rice, meat, bones, vegetables, eggs, liver, tomatoes, potatoes. (Particularly dogs under 7 months old should pay attention to avoid the chicken tube bone because it is easy to break down and damage the intestine, but when an adult, especially with other large breeds such as baby, Rottweiler is the opposite. Eating chicken and fish bones is extremely good for the digestive system).

How to feed correctly

This second rule is equally important. You must understand that, even though the pet dog is an animal, it is also a living organism that must be cared for properly in order to grow healthy and not sick. Eating full and full nutrition is not enough. Must eat the correct techniques, suitable for each specific characteristics of each species.

Accordingly, daily pet rations apart from food, must have chopped vegetables mixed with hot rice to put in aluminum bowls. Before feeding the dog the dishes must be washed and dry.

Note that the rice for dogs must be hot rice, if it is leftover rice, the cold rice should be warmed to ensure the dog’s digestive system is not affected.

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Why do we need to vaccinate dogs?

The first is to ensure the health of your pet grooming salon, to fight dangerous diseases, infectious diseases, and non-curable diseases, … not only perfectly protect your dog, but also avoid an economic loss for you. A lot of people often think of simply buying a dog for farming and ignore this essential rule. It is too late for a professional dog to fall ill, or, unfortunately, die, to fall back.

Vaccine vial dose is important for pet owners
Vaccine vial dose is important for pet owners

You know, in the environment of the dog and the body of a newborn puppy, there are always hidden bacteria that cause disease. Newborn puppies have extremely weak resistance, if they are not fully vaccinated with 5 basic diseases such as Care virus, Parvovirus, Infectious hepatitis, Coughing dogs and Vice flu, not only puppies will be sick but also dangerous. muscles spread to the herd.

The second is to ensure the safety of everyone, for ourselves. Because you are the one who regularly contacts with pets, if you are not properly vaccinated, no one but you will be the easiest person to spread the disease, you will pass it on to your relatives, friends, extremely dangerous.

Some things to remember to properly vaccinate your puppy:

The 3-week-old puppy should be given the first vaccine because this is the time the puppies learn to eat, so the risk of infection is high at the right time when antibodies passed from the mother to the lower dog make your dog very susceptible to disease. when not good.

Vaccines you can easily buy at veterinary drug stores or veterinary clinics, the doctors here will advise you fully.

Every 6 months to 1 year your dog needs to be fully vaccinated. Preventing diseases for your dog is both a responsibility and the dog sees the greatest care and affection that the owner should and needs to do.

Clean the barn and the leash

In recent years, the disease situation of livestock and poultry in our country is really alarming. One of the main causes is the failure to clean livestock facilities before, during, and after an illness. Cleaning the barn and shackles helps your dog grow at its best if sickness will help control the spread, help the pet recover faster, protect the public health, and the safest environment.

Every day, the barn and the leash should be cleaned. Particularly, the dog cage must be spacious, well-ventilated with light, which will be the etching of pathogenic bacteria. If the house is cramped, damp, and not cleaned regularly, this is the ideal environment for pathogens to grow. Clean barn, fully vaccinated, nutritious food, suitable for each stage, your dog will surely develop the most comprehensively, all diseases must be avoided.

If you have pet stores with scabies or lice, don’t worry. If it is mild, you can buy a shower gel designed specifically for dogs with scabies to treat, or, more carefully, bring it to the veterinarian for prompt treatment.

During this time, the barn and the leash must be cleaned with an antiseptic according to the guidance of a veterinarian.

When the puppies are 2 months old, you must remember to deworm immediately, then every 6 months to bleach once. However, according to the experience of raising dogs and cats from many people, you should keep an eye on the dog’s feces, if you find that there are worms or the dog has ticks, lice, proceed with bleaching because the worm is harmful to the digestive system.

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