In the process of taking care of puppies, many people cannot help but be surprised when they first separate the puppies from their mother. Food and their milk will gradually be replaced in daily meals. So let’s learn how to take care of newly separated puppies with Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia?

When is a good time to wean the puppies?

Two young puppies need great dog grooming
Two young puppies need great dog grooming

Following a scientific diet is the best way to care for a newly separated puppy

After separation, you should pay attention to eating and drinking, and you should feed the puppies on time. This is a condition to help your puppy build good habits.

Food is suitable for newly separated puppies

Puppies grow start weight gaining
Puppies grow start weight gaining

Vaccination to prevent puppies

In order to prevent hazardous sicknesses the little puppies should get their first vaccines. Your veterinarian will advise you the proper protocol for the vaccination. Usually the first vaccine is administrated at 6-8 weeks old, then repeats at 12-14 weeks and finishes with the last booster at 16-18 weeks old.

Keeping the puppies’ place clean all the time is very important for puppies’ health. De-worming the puppies at the right time, usually a vet will prescribe a de-wormer during the first vaccination, and it will be given to puppies on the next day after the vaccination, will prevent the puppies from getting parasitic infestation.

Prepare a well-ventilated, stable, and clean place for your puppy

The rule to remember when taking care weaned puppies is to avoid sudden temperature changes, too low, or too high temperatures, all of which affect the little ones’ health. The weaned puppies should be kept in a very clean and warm area, wind draft free and ideally fenced, which will prevent the puppies to wonder away and get trapped somewhere under or behind a piece of furniture.These conditions will promote the healthy growth of puppies.

Air drafts or high heat can cause health problems for the little puppies. That is why the place chosen for puppies must be away from heaters, windows and balcony or patio doors.

Fresh pee-pads, clean blankets and covers, good ventilation, clean water and washed bowls will ensure the health of the puppies. Whereas accumulated faeces, dirty covers, old unfinished food scattered around will breed bacteria and parasites that will cause nothing but harm to the little ones.

Above is the basic information about proper care for the weaned and very young puppies.

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