Pets will bring your home more happy laughter. In particular, for families with small children, pets will teach them how caring and loyal are.

Pet raising is extremely rewarding for your family. Therefore, today Pet Grooming Salon Spa Groomtopia will suggest you extremely friendly and lovely pets. Let’s take a look at the following article!

1. Dogs

Cute Yorkshire Terrier dog running with beagle dog on gras on sunny day
Small dogs are pet for children

Dogs are the most popular type of pet. It is famous for its loyalty and superlative intelligence. Therefore, this is the choice you should not ignore when you want to own a “cute” pet.

Currently, there are many species to choose from. If you love the gentle, docile choose the dog breed Collie, Labrador or Golden Retriever. If you love the majestic beauty of large dogs, you should require regular Saint Bernard or Husky …

Dog droppings are very harmful to the family pet, especially to babies. Therefore, the pet owner should prevent your baby from near dog feces.

In addition, raising dogs will help you teach your children lessons about loyalty, strong and good protection.

2. Ornamental fish

Koi Carp Fishes
Koi Carp Betta Fishes

Ornamental fish is also considered a pet should have in every family. On the other hand, according to feng shui, the thing that brings good fortune to your home is the aquarium or a litter box. The fact that you put an indoor aquarium will help bring good luck and prosperity.

Colorful and colorful fish swimming in the lake will make the home space more lively. On the other hand, it is also a useful decoration for the living room.

Images of fish swimming in herds will make babies in the home excited and happy. Therefore, you can lure the anorexic children by showing them the fish swimming around and feeding them. At the same time, ornamental fish is a very kid-friendly species, popular pets never harmful to young children.

3. Guinea pig

Guinea Pig with Christmas hat
Guinea Pigs are great pets

This is a species that is both gentle and lovely. With its round and small appearance, guinea pigs have melted the hearts of many people. And this is definitely a wise choice when you are looking for a pet.

The lifespan of these mice ages 3 to 5 years. Especially they are easy to raise because they do not need much care or easy to care for. Guinea pigs usually require a lot of fruits and vegetables as much as they want.

Although, they are not picky eaters you absolutely must not feed them with fish, meat, rice. Because that will adversely affect the digestive system of this mouse.

4. Cats

The kittens are cute and friendly.
The kittens are cute and friendly pet for kids.

Dogs and Cats are also a great choice. Some people like cats because of their gentle, cuddly, and cuddly nature. In particular, it is very clever in flattery to its owners.

They are always sweet in every gesture and eye so they always bring us a comfortable and peaceful feeling. You can choose to breed some Vietnamese cats such as tabby cat, calico cat … Besides, other cats like British long-haired cat, Persian shorthair … are also very pretty.

If family members suffer from respiratory illnesses, cats should be restricted. Because cats are very easy to shed hair and will affect your family health. Not only cats but also a lot of furry and shedding species should be kept indoors when young children are kept.

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