For first-time Pomeranian dog owners, how to raise a Pomeranian dog to keep it healthy is always a difficult problem. Understanding that, the article below, Pet Grooming Salon Groomtopia will introduce to you the experiences in how to breed Pomeranian dogs most effectively.

Pomeranian dog’s food

How to choose the food for the Pomeranian puppy is not easy, because this breed is quite picky eaters. It is still best to feed the Pomeranian squirrel with fresh food. However, if you do not have time to prepare, you can fight the fire by feeding them ready-to-eat food. Specifically, we will introduce it shortly below.

For ready-to-eat foods (dry pellets)

Following, Adult dogs love to eat ready-to-eat foods due to their quite attractive taste. However, this ingredient often contains a large number of fillers added by the manufacturer, in order to increase the volume of food packages. Fillers do not have any nutrition for Pomeranian dogs. You should limit feeding the Pomeranian dog.

While there aren’t any nutrients available, fillers have a porous effect on the food, making it easier for Pomeranian dogs to chew. When choosing ready meals, you should pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging. A pack of food that is suitable for a Pomeranian:

For fresh food

Fresh food has always been the best choice for Pomeranian dogs. Although it takes a little time to process, they provide much more nutrients than ready-to-eat foods. 5 foods you should feed a pom puppy every day:

Note, the amount of food per meal should only be equal to 3-4% of body weight. It is not good to feed the Pomeranian dog or be too hungry.


Pomeranians are usually have healthy digestive systems but you need to ensure a reasonable, nutritious diet in order to keep your Pomeranian healthy. Puppies aged 1 – 2 months should feed minced meat porridge and eat soft dry soaked foods, supplemented with goat milk and yogurt. Divide into several small meals throughout the day (4 to 6 meals).

Pomeranian dogs from 3 to 6 months old should feed easily digestible and soft foods, so cook porridge for dogs such as chicken porridge, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit . Train your dog to eat green vegetables and fruits such as squash, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, watermelon, apples, etc. When the Phop dog from 6 months of age begins to feed the dog 3-4 meals Every day, this time needs to increase the diet and foods high in protein, protein, calcium, starch, and vegetables, fruits for dogs. Should the Pomeranian dog need to eat more flipped duck eggs will help coat more beautiful and smoother? At this time, you can feed your dog dry dog ​​food to help strengthen his teeth and gums.

Drinking water for dogs needs to be ready for them to drink on their own when thirsty, so change the water 3 times / day. Do not give pom dogs fresh milk because it is easy to get diarrhea. Do not feed dry dogs, hard foods, bony bones, fish or other viscera, too salty, greasy, hot or cold foods.

To be able to take good care of the Pomeranian Dog, you should pay attention to a number of issues such as preparing a dog shelter, toy breeds or dog breeds, noting that the Pomeranian Dog usually cannot tolerate very hot climates, so be sure to Make arrangements for your pet’s dog accommodation in a cool, clean, not wet area. One experience to keep in mind is that a pom dog usually doesn’t stay in one place and often jumps around the house, so it’s best to prepare a small cage so the dog can get into the cage to sleep. Pay attention at times of hot weather, you should trim the fur for dog pom, let the dog sit and drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables to help your pet stronger.

Pomeranian dogs have thick, fur-free coats but don’t spend a lot of time to care for, shaggy dogs shed a lot, so you should regularly brush your dog’s coat daily to remove dead hair and keep it soft. About 3-4 months or 12 weeks should trim the fur for dogs Pomeranian dogs, especially in the hot season should trim the dog hair more often. Note that you should regularly trim the fur in the dog’s anus so that they can go to the toilet to be cleaner, to avoid getting stuck on the fur.

Bathing for Pomeranian dogs only takes 1-2 weeks for bathing, if the weather is hot and dry, you can shower once a week. When you wash your dog, you should use a hose to rinse off the dirt on the dog, apply bath oil and massage the dog, then rinse with water. After the bath, dry the dog’s fur and brush his hair to remove any remaining hair. Avoid getting the dog’s fur wet because it is prone to fungus and skin diseases regarding puppy care.

The common disease in Pomeranian dogs

Note for dog owners is that all puppies need to be taken to the animal health station to have their health checked and vaccinated against vaccines, deworming, and regular checkups for dogs.

When caring for a pet dog, you should pay attention to some common health problems in the pet dog, as they tend to dislocate knee joints, lower elbows, heart disease, eye infections, tooth decay, and loss. early teeth. Avoid excessive physical activity and vigorous physical activity every day.

How to train Pomeranian dogs effectively

Pomeranian dogs are very susceptible to “small dog syndrome” if they are pampered too much. For this breed, you should train them from an early age, avoiding the freedom to do whatever you want to do. Strict from the beginning will help your dog become docile and docile.

You should start on how to raise a 2-month-old Pomeranian pet by teaching them basic training such as toileting in the right place, teaching how to sit, teaching handshaking, etc. much and persistent.

Sometimes they just bark because they want to be noticed or asked to eat something. You may feel a headache with their barking. Spa Groomtopia will show you how to train a Pom puppy to stop barking at the following orders:

Step 1: If a Pomeranian squirrel starts barking for no reason, you should interrupt it with a loud, clear command: “Shut”.

Step 2: At the beginning of the training, the Pomeranian dog will stop barking at your request. You should show an angry attitude and point your finger at them, shouting again: “Silence.”

Step 3: If the Pomeranian dog has not stopped barking, you should grab some snacks to lure them. Slap “Shut up” and then point the food at them. When they are silent, then fed, if not silent, then going to rest.

Step 4: Repeat the steps above, over time, the Pomeranian dog will get used to the command to stop barking and be silent when the owner orders.

Experience to raise Pomeranian dogs effectively

Living condition

Pomeranian dogs are suitable for living in cool climates. This breed has very poor heat resistance, you should pay attention to keep the ambient temperature of them should not exceed 30 degrees C. On hot days in Montreal, it is best to keep them in air-conditioned rooms. Absolutely do not let out.

Pomeranian dogs do not need too spacious living space. They can adapt well to living in apartments, dormitories, or apartments. Due to the small body size, convenient for moving, and parachuting anywhere.

Active every day

Pomeranian dogs are not working dogs. They do not require too much work to be practiced every day. You only need to lead them outside 25-30 minutes a day to run, play, release the accumulated energy for daily walks.

Limit keeping Pomeranian dogs in the house for too long. They will no longer be as agile and agile as they are. Can become aggressive, biting furniture and turning against the owner.

Caring for the Shepherd’s dog
Pomeranian dogs have long, thick, and bushy fur. Therefore, taking care of their fur will take a lot of time. You have to brush and untangle them every day. Bathe with a dog bath gel. Bathe at least 2-3 times a week.

Vaccinate dogs Pomeranian dogs

In order for the way to keep Fox dogs effectively, you must pay attention to the full vaccination for them. Vaccination helps dogs to be vaccinated to prevent some dangerous diseases, which can spread diseases such as Care, Pravo, rabies, etc. Vaccination costs are not expensive, only $10 – $20 per nose depending on the type.

You should take your dog to the nearest veterinary hospital. Register and schedule them. You can choose the 7 in 1 or 5 in 1 vaccine, if you want to save travel time. The vaccination should be started as soon as the Pomeranian dogs has reached 2 months of age. The older you get, the less effective the vaccine is.

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