Dog brush is an indispensable tool when caring for a dog. However, the choice of a brush, how to use it is something that not all pet owners know. Our article below will summarize all information about dog grooming.

1. Why do dogs have to be brushed?

This question is often asked by new dog owners. Every dog, when born, has the reflex to lick to clean the fur. However, that care is not thorough. Therefore, it is necessary to take care  your dog’s coat. Here are some of the benefits of grooming your dog.

  • The regular grooming of puppies helps to keep a puppy’s coat clean, free of tangles and teaches the puppy to get use to be groomed.
  • Not only that, but the pet grooming also helps to reduce the amount of dog’s hair in your house. 

  • Regular dog grooming helps regulate the amount of oil in their skin, keeping the coat shiny and providing the moisture it needs.
  • Brushing dogs can help you check their health status: easily observe the skin (whether there is a fungus, tick, or dog bite).
  • It’s fine for short-haired dogs, but for long-haired dogs, grooming is essential.
  • Doing so will prevent the coat from matting, will keep the dirt away from the coat, will allow the proper ventilation for a dog’s body.
  • Grooming dogs regularly helps to stimulate hair growth, limiting hair loss (especially in the winter).
  • Grooming dogs helps them reduce stress and relax.

2. The best grooming dog and cat combs today

With each dog will have different fur structure, choosing the appropriate grooming brush is extremely necessary. Here are some specialized grooming combs for each dog.

Comb for Doodle

Caring for your doodle’s fluffy coat. 

I would like to share something from my experience working with these beautiful but tough coats: this brush called Miracle Coat Slicker brush. The proper brush and your effort make a big difference In the condition the coat will stay. It is not only a visit to a groomer that will save your doodle’s beauty but it is also the care it receives at home. On my end, I always do my best to make your doodle look adorable and feel great!

Furminator – Shedding comb

This can be used to groom dogs with shorter double coats. 

The furminator has an easy-to-use handle design, and the brushed tip is designed to remove about 90% of the shedding without pain.

Using this type of comb helps a dog to get rid of dead under coat.

A slicker brush helps to de-matt and fluff up 

A dog-grooming brush helps fluffy hair with a rectangular brush design. The bristles are thin .and slightly bent they catch on the tangles and matts and easily go through them.

This makes your dog’s fur more fluffy and soft.

“Alaska dog” hair comb

“Alaska dog”, or a Nordic breeds, a dog with a thick double coat. Therefore, grooming of such a dog is about removing the dead hair, it becomes essential during the shedding season.

Soft Grip Pet Rake  is the most suitable tool for Nordic breeds of dogs.

This rake is compact, easy to hold and carry. With a 2-head comb design, one comb is designed for a wide-tooth and one for a tight-fitting comb.

A wide-toothed comb will help you remove and remove the dog’s shedding hair. The close-tip comb will help you style and make your dog’s fur fluffy

3. Instructions for using dog and cat brushes and combs

Currently, on the market, there are many types of dog and cat grooming brushes and combs. Choosing the right tool for your pet’s coat will make you and your pet comfortable.

In addition to choosing the right type of brush or comb, the right way of grooming is also something you need to be concerned about. Here are the proper grooming steps for dogs or cats.

Step 1: Use a pet’s fur removal gloves for short coats, it removes dead guard hair and some dead under coat.

Step 2: Using a slicker brush to remove tangles, use scissors to remove the tough tangles and matts.

This step you should do very carefully, brushing each small place, turning the hair evenly so your pet will not feel pain.

This step, you must brush the hair from the head, the eyebrows, neck, back, chest to 4 paws of the dog.

Step 3: Use a metal comb to fluff up the matt free coat . 

While grooming your dog, you should pay attention to comb along the direction of the hair growth or straightening (do not reverse brush).

Choose a softer-tooth slicker brush to brush your dog’s fur (avoid scratching his dog’s skin).

You can use a spray on conditioner or moisturiser while brushing, that will help with static and dryness.


4. Buy and sell dog grooming combs in Montreal, Quebec

Currently, on the market, there are many places selling dog grooming and combing. However, not all sales are true and genuine. If you use a counterfeit, not only will the fur not be brushed properly, its cheap materials may affect the dog’s health.

To buy a good dog grooming brush, you should go to the dog shop specializing in dog goods.

In addition, if there is not too much time, you can order on the Amazon, eBay, Spa Groomtopia to order.

Note choose a reputable supplier, receive the goods and then pay, have a reasonable return and exchange policy.

5. How to choose pet grooming combs appropriately?

  • Use a comb with a handle, which will make it easier to groom the dog.
  • Choose the right type of brush for the type of your dog.
  • Don’t choose a cheap comb.
  • Choose brushes and combs of established brands and are trusted by professional groomers.
  • Choose a soft-bristle brush, not a hard-headed type (hard-scratched scratches can easily lead to an infection of a dog’s skin).
  • Choose the proper size of a brush or a  comb .

The above is all information about grooming for dogs and cats. For more information and how to take care of puppies, do not forget to follow our next posts from our pet salon Spa Groomtopia.

Surely there will be a lot of extremely interesting and useful information for cat and dog owners.

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