Spa Groomtopia Pet’s dog and cat bath service will make your pet look as beautiful as it feels.

Although we love them dirty feet and all, sometimes our pets need a bit of freshness. At Spa Groomtopia pet grooming salon, we provide special pet baths for dogs and cats. Whether keeping your pet in the bath is a difficult task (thinking of water splashing on the bathroom floor), or putting them in the tub is not possible (sometimes they can be very stubborn), we make dogs and cats bathing easy and enjoyable. You no longer have to put yourself in the stress of bathing your pet because Spa Groomtopia pet grooming salon has a team.


If not for your own sake, do it for your pet! Chances are, he or she doesn’t particularly like you showering him or her. At Spa Pet Grooming Shop, we are proud to provide our pet bath service for cat and dog friends in Montreal, Quebec so you don’t have to groom at home.

Bathing at home can lead to shampoo in your pet’s eyes or extreme heat or cold. Also, the bathtub is slippery under the pet’s feet without carpets and can lead to panic. And not thoroughly drying the animal’s fur can cause a sharp drop in body temperature. Our trained dog and cat bathers know the best way to soothe your pet to give them a more pampered experience. Bathrooms should be relaxing after all, shouldn’t they?


Although cats usually have all the tools necessary to keep them clean, curiosity can sometimes lead to a sticky, smelly coat. When this happens, it may be in your best interest to hand your fearsome cat to us during the shower. We know the best time to bathe your cat is when it is most calming. We can groom your cat with a variety of shampoos so that the process does not hurt them; In fact, it will be quick and easy.


This happens to all the parents of the dog: our dog looks in the mud, is sprayed by a skunk or finds something rotting. These horrific events happen to the territory that owns and loves a dog. When this happens, free yourself from having to dirty your bath and yourself for the purpose of cleaning your dog. At our pet grooming salon, we have the best equipment and the most expertly trained professionals to make your dog’s coat like new.

Also, if you’re on the train with us, all playtime can result in some fur being not serious. We are happy to provide cat and dog bath services while your pet stays with us so that you have a new pet coat or cuddle at the time of pick up.

Other services besides bathing pets

Our basic grooming service doesn’t end at the bathroom. Although our pet groomer store is not a full-service salon, we also offer manicures, ear cleaning, anal expression and medication bath if necessary. If a little cleanup is what you need, we’re here for you and your pet!


Thinking about scheduling a pet bath? Great! For our pet bath services, all we need from you is proof of vaccinations updated at least 48 hours before your pet visit. This includes: distemper, parvenu, rabies and bordello for dogs; Rabies and cat harassment for cats. Save time when checking in by calling us at 514-638-3553 to book an appointment.

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